This present saint's primary quality is managing a lot of aptitude harm. His Death Reaper bargains harm against all adversaries, harassing them with drain impact. It additionally builds Das Moge's ability harm. Hold of the Shadow makes his fundamental assaults award him a reward assault and speed. Shadow Lurk builds Das Moge's aptitude harm and awards him vitality at whatever point a partner utilizes a functioning expertise. The entirety of this permits him to increase staggering rewards to his aptitude harm, which makes him unimaginably useful for specific parts of the game.


She is a mage type legend whose claims to fame are managing enormous AoE harm and controlling her foes. Turbulent Shade bargains harm to all foes concedes her harm decrease impact and gets an opportunity to freeze the objectives and diminish their vitality. Her fundamental assault diminishes vitality from her objective and furthermore gets an opportunity to freeze it. Preemptive Defense  additional hints gives her reward assault, ability harm, and vitality at whatever point she takes harm. This impact can permit Dark Arthindol to increase gigantic rewards to her harm, and annihilate her foes with Chaotic Shade.


He is a professional killer spent significant time in managing high rate based harm just as mending himself. Red Contract bargains HP rate based harm to irregular foes and decreases the recuperating consequences for them for a couple of rounds. It likewise buffs Amuvor's crit possibility. Vitality Oblivion awards vitality to Amuvor and recuperates him at whatever point his partners utilize dynamic abilities. Finally, with his essential assaults, he focuses on the least HP foe, managing high harm and diminishing its vitality simultaneously. The entirety of this makes Amuvor unfathomably helpful in specific circumstances.


Asmodel is a saint represented considerable authority in managing high burst harm. His dynamic aptitude, Divine Burst, bargains harm to arbitrary adversaries and spots a Crit Mark on them. This imprint will trigger once the stamped foe gets a basic strike, and will bargain enormous harm to that target. Likewise, this aptitude will expand Asmodel's assault for a couple of rounds. Hallowed Seal makes his fundamental assaults target bleeding edge adversaries. It will likewise put Crit Mark to targets and increment Asmodel's crit harm. Light Guardian will put Crit Marks to all foes at whatever point Asmodel takes harm. It will likewise allow him extra harm decrease which will build his general survivability.


She is a harm vendor whose quality lies in managing high single objective burst harm. Tornado Sweep bargains harm to the most reduced HP adversary and applies drain impacts to it for a couple of rounds. Turn around Damage awards Xia a layer of Aggression each time she hinders an assault. These layers will be spent at whatever point Xia utilizes her dynamic expertise. This will bargain extra harm against the most reduced HP adversary and apply a drain impact on them. Shadow Pursuit makes Xia's essential assaults award herself Aggression layers. Likewise, Xia will be mended at whatever point she murders an adversary, which fits pleasantly into her range of abilities.


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